5 Problems with the Decision of the Boy Scouts of America

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5 Problems with the Decision of the Boy Scouts of America

The recent decision of the Boy Scouts of America to accept openly gay boys is another victory for those who would throw God out of our culture. The following are five inconsistencies in their stance.

  1. Does no one see the word “boy” in Boy Scouts? Since when does our society encourage or countenance sexual relations of any kind among children? Even those who do not recognize the Bible as the word of God usually understand the harmfulness of sex among children.Boy Scout
  2. Why isn’t homosexuality treated equally with heterosexuality? The Boy Scouts seem to have made their decision based on equality, but they have actually made homosexuality a special exception to their standards. If a twelve-year old came into one of their troops and began openly bragging about all girls he was touching inappropriately or having sex with, would that not have been grounds for discipline or expulsion? Would such behavior not been a violation of their oath, “duty to other people and duty to self,” not to mention, “duty to God”? The Boy Scouts have not offered equality; they have opened the door for even more immorality. What immoral behavior can now justifiably be censured?
  3. Should the majority opinion rule in areas of morality? One of the leaders of the Boy Scouts opined that since a majority of voters in America polled in favor of allowing opening gay boys into the Scouts, they really didn’t have any other choice but to go along. Have these people given no thought to the consequences of such reasoning? Isn’t that the same reasoning used by Nazi Germany in the extermination of the Jews? Isn’t that the same reasoning that has allowed the murder of 60 million unborn babies? Historically, we have never been able to devise our own moral standards without destroying ourselves. Consider Joshua 21:25.
  4. Did you notice that the proponents of openly gay scouts did not start their own organization? This is not about the Boy Scouts of America; this is about forcing everyone to accept the religion of political correctness, or more accurately, the destruction of godliness.
  5. What happened to the oath, duty to God? Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot, homosexuals were born that way, and if God made them homosexuals they have the right to practice homosexuality. Okay, maybe they were born that way. I won’t argue the point because it doesn’t matter one way or the other. Most people are born as heterosexuals; does that give them the right to have sex? God reserved sex for the confines of a marriage relationship saying, the two shall be one flesh. That’s “two,” not three or more. Millions have been unable to find a person to marry over the centuries, but even though they were born that way did not mean they could have sex. Anyone with children knows that they come preprogramed in a number of different traits. Some have a strong tendency toward anger. Some have a sharp tongue. Some are lazy. Some are aggressive. Some are over-achievers. Some are stubborn. Some have a propensity toward dependency on various drugs. The list is endless and most of these things can be recognized in a child before he or she is two years old. Does that mean they should be allowed to freely act out whatever tendency or orientation with which they have been born? God said, “Foolishness is bound up in the heart of a child…” (Prov. 22:15). So children are born “foolish.” That doesn’t mean they are allowed to live foolishly.

Berry Kercheville