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by Brent Lewis

Soundings is intended to be a true reader response column. We want to know what you, the readers, think about this paper and what we are saying. The reason is simple—our effectiveness depends on our capacity to determine that. Is it possible that those of us who preach and write are “answering questions which no one is asking?” We hope not, but we sure don’t want to be. And the only way we can know if we’re “on target” is to hear from you. In the Prospectus of this premiere issue we have stated our intent of addressing the pressing practical problems of those of us who are trying to serve our Lord. What are those problems? Well, we are certain that you know them as well, or better, than we. So, we are hoping for a steady stream of feedback from you. Why would you write to us?

1. To suggest a subject. There may be some topic which you would like to see treated in the magazine. A portion of each issue of this paper will be on a particular theme. Those of us who serve as editors all have some ideas about themes. We think they are good ideas. But we would welcome suggestions from you. We cannot promise that we will follow each suggestion, but we will certainly value and consider each one.

2. To comment on an article. If we do the job we expect to do, we are going to “stir up your sincere minds” in each issue. You may want to write us in order to “amen” a particular piece. “l enjoyed the article on such-and—such. I believe brother Smart got to the heart of the matter. Something else l would add is . . .” In the same way, you may wish to disagree. “I appreciate the article by brother Not—So—Smart on . . . However, I do not agree with his conclusion. It seems to me such-and- such.” All we ask is that you write in a brotherly spirit and keep it brief—under 150 words.

3. To edify, exhort and encourage. You may have some beneficial and constructive observation that you believe needs to be stated. We cannot promise that every comment will be carried here, but those that we believe to be of enough interest and profit to others will be used. The format and nature of this magazine precludes the acceptance of unsolicited articles. But this is a place where you can “sound off” on some things that may help others. You don’t have to be a preacher to say something that needs to be said. In fact, maybe you need to sound off about preachers! At any rate, please observe the 150-word maximum.

4. To comment on current events. Things are happening around us every day. We are all involved in them, to some extent. The things you read in the newspaper and see on television may cause you to want to speak out. You may want to call for others’ response on the same issue. This is the place for you to do that. We can all profit from your thinking. Paul said, “For none of us liveth to himself, and none dieth to himself” (Romans 14:7). Those of us connected with Christianity Magazine recognize the many and varied contributions that others can make to this endeavor. We are not in this alone; we solicit your help, your cooperation and your participation. Christians are all interrelated. Someone has said, “We can see that life is a cycling phenomenon which occurs in many forms within a single system. Nothing stands alone—no individual, species, or community; no rain drop, snow crystal, cloud or stream; no mountain and no sea-—for in a cycle each thing in one way or another is connected with everything else.” We are connected with you. We value what you have to say. Let us hear from you.