Bringing Our Focus Online Venture to a Close

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Tim Jennings and I have been managing editors of Focus Magazine/Focus Online since 2006. We have thoroughly enjoyed sharing our insights into the scriptures and the insights of our other great editors and contributors. The men who wrote for Focus over the years are wonderful servants of the Lord for whom we have the utmost respect. These are men who lay down their lives for the gospel and seek God’s kingdom above all else. 

You, as our faithful readers are the best. You are discerning and encouraging. Your love for the Lord is evident in the way you respond to our articles and shared our articles with others. We thank you for making this effort worth the time and effort of our writers.

That said, Tim and I have decided it is time bring Focus to a close. Focus Magazine was started in the mid-nineties by some of the best Bible students I know, David Posey, Mike Wilson, and Doy Moyer, with the support of many others. Our good friend, David Holder, also managed for a time, producing some of the magazine’s best issues. Tim and I felt privileged to continue the effort. It is with some sadness that we close this work, but also with excitement as we think of other possibilities. 

We and all the other writers did this work because we love God’s cause, we love God’s people, and we want the love of God and his word to expand throughout the world. We urge each of you to give your whole heart, soul, mind, and strength into knowing God more deeply and reflecting him in your life. Please do not let this world and the concerns of this world choke God’s word from your heart. As our good brother Bowman has often said, “If you miss heaven, you missed all there is.”

We also want you to know that we are going to maintain the website: This will allow our online articles to be archived and searchable. We hope you will feel free to use those articles to further God’s message and equip God’s people.

Berry Kercheville

Tim Jennings