"Do All Roads Lead To Heaven?"

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Do All roads lead to  heaven #3Heaven and Hell are definite realities. The question is, “Who will go to heaven?” The question is not one of generalities, “What do you believe it takes for a person to go to heaven?”  The question is more specific. “Will grandmother go to heaven?” “Mother?” “Daddy?” “Mate?” “Son or daughter?” “Will I go to heaven?” There is another question that needs to be asked: “Do all roads lead to heaven?”

Do all roads lead to heavenFor instance, does the road of moral perversion lead to heaven? Will an individual who has no regard God, no respect for his fellow man, no standard of morality and chooses to indulge himself in every passion go to heaven?  Who would  defend such a person.  The Bible is too clear about such individuals (Eph.4:18-19; Rom.1:24-27). Consider the consequences, if we agree that the moral degenerate has no hope of heaven then all roads do not lead to heaven. However, that moral degenerate is someone’s relative.

Do all roads lead to heaven #2Another road often travelled is the road of unbelief. Does this road lead to heaven? For example, you may work with a person who does not lie or steal, and is very moral, according to today’s standards. However, that person does not believe Jesus is the Son-of-God. In fact, feels no need for Jesus, the church or anything spiritual in life. But, that person is a good person. That person would do anything to help a fellow human in trouble. Consider, “… if you do not believe that I Am He, you will die in your sins” (Jhn. 8:24). Is the person who says, “I do not believe in Jesus as the Messiah, the Savior of the world,” going to heaven? If we say no, then we agree all roads do not lead to heaven. We also agree that someone’s relative who dies without faith in Jesus is lost.

Do all roads lead to heaven#4Christians are not interested in playing God, nor even giving the appearance of doing so. We are not the final judge, nor is the church. God has appointed His Son to that role (Acts 17:31). This one fact is sure: God wants all men to be saved (1Tim.2:4). The real question is not do all of our roads lead to heaven but what road does God wants us to travel? The only way we will know is by His revelation, the Bible.  Therein is revealed the road to heaven. It is not what we think about what God says, nor what we feel. Going to heaven can only be by what God has told us. The real question is about me. “What must I do to be saved”?


by Rickie Jenkins