God's Way Is Always The Best

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Theme: Positive Christianity

by Tommy Poarch

Many people are being awakened to the moral dearth that communism humanism and materialism have inflicted on the modern world. Moral issues have become so twisted that moral absolutes are scoffed at; for many, situation ethics has given a unbridled license for permissiveness. Such thinking allows man to live for pleasure in good conscience, to pursue the popular course of least restraint, to be considered honorable while engulfed in greed and questionable but lucrative pursuits.

Viewed honestly, these standards of morality have failed. They have failed to make wholesome and well-adjusted individuals, They have failed to produce a stable and law·abiding society. They have failed to protect and preserve the family.

These failures are inevitable when men aspire for nothing higher than the gratification of their fleshly lusts God has made man in his own image;  therefore, man’s spirit cannot find true peace and satisfaction in such sallow and carnal pursuits.

Ultimately, life is one’s opportunity to obtain character. One’s success in life will not be determined by the accumulation of material objects or by moments of pleasure, Life will be measured as a success or as a failure based upon what one has become. I shall have lived well if the course I follow builds and ennobles me rather than destroys me. Finding that course is man’s greatest and most noble challenge.

A search for the highest good in life raises first the question of where to find a standard. That standard will be either from man, or from God. Man has never and can never produce a standard that brings about moral integrity and goodness: “a man’s way is not in himself; nor is it in a man who walks to direct his steps” (Jeremiah 10:23). But God, who created all things and saw that all was very good, has provided instructions so that the man of God may be adequate, equipped for every good work (Genesis 1:31; 2 Timothy 3:16-17). The Bible is God’s communication to His creation telling us the best way of life.

The Bible is not the dreaded authority its detractors charge it to be, it is a welcomed relief to the soul who is seeking to know how to discern between good and evil. In following God’s way one might not become rich, but he will know joy and happiness- there is a difference; one might not be popular, but he will be full of faith and be at peace with God—there is a difference; one might not gain positions of power in this life, but he will be full of love and hope- there is a difference.

The sales pitch of this world promotes a bottle of gusto, a bed of immorality, a wardrobe of indecency and a mind of lasciviousness and greed. In its wake we find broken homes, scarred children, and unspeakable obscenities. The veneer of worldly pleasures covers this shame, blinding the eyes of people to a standard by which God gives one joy, happiness, faith, peace, love and hope. God’s standard produces happy homes, pure lives and clean consciences.

What kind of fool has the devil made of this world? Has he found a planet with nothing but ignorant savages willing to trade their eternal bliss, joy and happiness for a few beads of filth or a mirror of greed? How could he possibly do that? His work is one of deceit, He must make one think that the pleasures of sin and worldliness are of greater value than the joy reserved for Christians in the hereafter. He seeks to conceal or make light of the value of the spiritual blessings in the heavenly places that are a present possession of those in Christ. Yes, and in the life to come there is eternal bliss. He must make one desire pleasure and renounce joy, happiness and peace. What a task! Believe it or not, he succeeds! The devil is full of deceit, but he can never change the truth—God’s way is always best.