The Christian Woman's Role In Today's Society

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How Do I Live In This Mess?

by Harold E. Turner

What Is Her Role?

1. To offset as much as possible the anti-Biblical influences prevalent in our time.No one can minimize the ungodly influences of so-called “feminism” and the philosophies of like ilk better than a woman. No one! Preachers can get up series of sermons that will reach from now until Christmas, and then sear the walls and scald the hide, and when they get through they will not have accomplished nearly as much as one woman in the right setting (where the above ideas are being promoted) affirming bravely and unhesitatingly; “I believe this is a bunch of junk that needs to be seen for the rubbish that it is.”

There is something about a woman saying it that drives the point home like nothing else; that being the case, the responsibilities of right—minded women today are indeed great. Some of our women have sold out on this issue and have given in to the pressure of their peers. But, thank goodness, this is not true of all. Every now and then, there is that one special kind of person who will stand up in a crowd (no matter what the odds) and declare her stand for God, His ways and the righteous standard. May their number increase.

2. To really be a woman. One of the greatest needs we have today is for women to simply be women. We don’t need any more truck drivers, body builders, cigarette smokers, foul-mouthed beer guzzlers or picket line walkers. The men have furnished us with all of this business for many years. What the world needs now and it needs it badly—is for women to be women again!

There is a certain softness and true femininity about a real woman that is refreshing beyond words. It is  here, and it is real, if it isn’t stifled and squashed by the would-be directors and promoters of that which, by the very nature of it, causes a woman to look and act more and more like a man every day she lives, How sad it is indeed to see that which has a natural proclivity for sympathy, kindness and yes, motherhood, gradually be eaten away and replaced by the harder traits just simply because somebody somewhere decided that is the way it should be. Who is that somebody? Who are these people who would defy the living God and change the natural order? And why then, does anybody find their doctrine appealing and worthy of imitation? Their teachings are advocated openly, unashamedly, proudly (as if merit of the highest order runs freely from their pronouncements) and in such ways as to indicate that anybody who would have little enough sense to disagree is unworthy of the slightest note. Time and time again we are treated to this kind of exercise in our society today. That they are being successful to a great degree in their intentions cannot be denied, but it does not have to be so, and it will not be so if enough women will shun them, their proposals and dictates, and choose simply to be true and real women as is intended. Will you not join that group?

3. To boldly declare her faith in God and His prescription for life. My wife recently, in a graduate course involving all kinds of godless philosophies of life, stood and affirmed in the hearing of all that she believes that the Bible prescribes how man can best live and that is to “fear God and keep his commandments.” She was not laughed out of class (although in some instances that might very well be the reaction). The other students didn’t look down their noses at her. To the contrary, she was smothered with favorable comments after the class and stood amazed herself at the reaction she received,

Many more people than we might think have an appreciation for real conviction and, even if they didn’t, God does and that should cause us all to form them and stick by them at all cost. Women have the opportunity to instill faith in God in the little ones coming up, and in that place they have no equal nor real competitor. They can do a job that cannot be belittled by anyone or anything — a work that will endure forever. May God help women every where to declare their faith in His way of life and to do so today.

4. To accept the reality of her influence and direct it aright. Consider the influence wielded by the promoters of the modern women’s movement. Women are powerful when they decide to be. They can accomplish much in the thinking of those around them when so inclined. It is a stubborn fact that refuses to be denied, as well as one that needs desperately to be put to work for the forces of right. Women are influential in this world and you are no exception! Recognize the truth of that statement and determine with all your being that from henceforth and forevermore your influence will be solidly in favor of the best interest of all. We pray for your success.